7 of the Best Places to Work in Boston

Originally published at https://www.agent.media/life/boston-offices/ on 13 Jun, 2017 by Agent Team

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The US state capital of Massachusetts, Boston, is renowned worldwide for its beauty, civic amenities and visitor attractions. It is also a highly functional metropolis that is high on the list of destinations where Americans would like to work. According to the US Census Bureau, 15.1 per cent of Bostonians walk to work, and given the beauty of the city and its unique atmosphere, who could blame them. Some of its workspaces are among the world’s finest. They are benchmark-setting arenas for inspiration and productivity. Here are just 7 of the best places to work in Boston.


1. Cayan

best places to work in boston

Image Source: cayan

The strikingly unusual and bright 42,000 square feet Boston office of payment technology company Cayan were designed (along with its Belfast headquarters) by global architecture firm Interior Architects. The offices feature a range of games facilities, such as the pool table and table-tennis table pictured above, to promote staff teamwork and cooperation.



2. Norbella

best places to work in boston

Image Source: actwoarch

Media agency Norbella’s Boston headquarters—designed by Actwo Architects—underline the company’s clean, slick, professional approach with a classically neutral design theme. The predominantly wooden decor and floors are complimented by a white colour scheme that makes for an uncluttered and inspiring work environment.



3. IdeaPaint

best places to work in boston

Innovative paint company IdeaPaint boasts one of the more unusual office decor schemes. Inspired by the company’s product—which transforms a smooth surface into an erasable canvas, enabling people to doodle-explore ideas and easily eras them if necessary—designers Fusion Design Consultants Inc made almost two-thirds of IdeaPaint’s 7,600 sq ft workspace a writable surface. To say the idea encourages open collaboration is an understatement!



4. Pandora Media

best places to work in boston

In addition to their work with IdeaPaint (above), Fusion Design Consultants Inc designed the offices of internet radio company Pandora. It’s a bright, funky workplace that exudes and encourages creativity and innovation, highlighted by striking decor and unusual items of office furniture.



5. Placester

best places to work in boston

Image Source: interiorarchitects

IA Interior Architects developed the Boston offices of real-estate CRM platform providers, Placester. The new workspace foregrounds the company’s brand and ethos, but also injects elements of fun and relaxation (see above). This headquarters is also an ultra-functional working area that has been designed to allow for expansion—not only one of the best places to work in Boston but also one of the most future-proofed.



6. Zuora

best places to work in boston

Designed by Fusion Design Consultants Inc, the new Boston offices of subscription management software providers Zuora. The designers focused on a heavily visual recreation of the Zuora brand colours and styles, reflecting the core values of this growing company.



7. Polaris Partners

best places to work in boston

Image Source: officelovin

Actwo Architects created the stunning workplace of venture capital firm Polaris Partners. Floor-to-ceiling windows make the most of picturesque views of Boston from the 10th floor, with the abundance of natural light helping to create an inspiring atmosphere for company personnel. It is certainly one of the standouts in the best places to work in Boston.