Coffee Basics: Table of Contents

All about coffee

  • So you think you know coffee?
  • Where does coffee come from?
  • How is coffee roasted?
  • The History of Coffee Houses
  • What’s the difference between coffee and espresso?

How to prepare coffee

  • Is the grind really that important?
  • The two best brewing methods for a café.

How to prepare espresso

  • Meet your espresso machine! “Hi, espresso machine!”
  • Semi-Automatic ain’t just for rifles.
  • Yes, freshly ground espresso is very important.
  • How do I “pull a shot”? And what is “a shot,” anyway?

The science and art of steamed milk

  • All you need to know about milk chemistry that you didn’t learn in high school.


  • All the drink recipes you’ll ever need.

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